Happy New Year

Ah, that was a quiet Samhain. With the onset of either a wound infection or allergy to the metal staples holding my hip replacement operation wound together, I’ve been quite ill over the past days. My poor old body has been throwing every ounce of energy into repairing itself and rejecting whatever is inflaming it, so the ritual I had planned just didn’t happen. In fact, I felt so unwell that we didn’t even open the house to Trick or Treaters, which has become rather a tradition with us.

The storm arriving during the night was welcome and feeling the breath of The Cailleach arriving reassured that if I wasn’t working right, at least everything else was. Those wakeful hours between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. were spent doing a whole lot of mental and emotional spring cleaning. Out with the old and outworn and make space for new, and hopefully better, things.

One thing I certainly didn’t feel inclined to do was to make myself available to the recently departed – things are too raw and painful, though it was wonderful to see Mr Tom Smelly for a brief moment during the day – I miss him and feel glad that he’s still around, keeping an eye on the new boys.

And so, a New Year. A time to heal emotionally, to recover physically and to reach for new horizons. The past few months have been cathartic, with so many layers being ripped away and now there’s nothing left but being open to whatever life has in store for me – and what an adventure that will be. I’m at the end of a seven year cycle that had been downward in trend and filled with challenges that I would never have anticipated – all that dealt with, I feel it’s time for some positive occurrences, whatever form they take.

To all of you, I wish a wonderful New Year, genuine friendship, love and gentleness.


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