Still Standing

I suddenly realised, after looking at NetNewsWire, that I hadn’t written anything here for ages – so long that my blog had faded out to a ‘derelict’ colour. And what a lot has happened in the interim.

After disovering that I could walk without sticks, I’m now walking well, swinging my hips for the first time in years and though I can’t go great distances, as I’m anaemic and get puffed out very quickly, it’s wonderful to be back in the land of the two-legged.

I’m due to teach in London at the beginning of February; the first time in well over a year. I’m a bit nervous and currently bunking off my revision to write this – still, it will be nice to get back into the classroom and into harness.

What else? The furry Blues Brothers are up to all sorts of tricks. I’m sure that Bert thinks he’s a dog; We discovered that you can throw a cat treat and Bert will scamper after it like a little retriever, often flipping his rear over his head in the scrabble to get at the treat. Boots retains some dignity, though not at night time – his other name is Smooshy Cat and it’s because he crawls into bed and smooshes up to ones shoulder, resting his head on the pillow and his chin on my shoulder with a paw draped across my chest to keep me in place. I wouldn’t mind, but the purring often turns into loud snoring and that’s a bit disconcerting!

The house is still in horrible disarray with the dining room still serving as the garden shed and general dumping ground – not great for entertaining, I can tell you. The scullery is coming on and just needs worktops to finish it off. The removal of the old ceiling in the scullery has opened it up to be a lovely bright room and the beams give it a bit of character. The new downstairs lavatory is just a few tiles away from being finished. I got the grout yesterday and will stick the tiles up this week and make a blind for the window – it looks rather nice – all new and bright and shiny. The decorator restored our Victorian door, which originally had an ugly lump of hardboard in the place of the centre pane – it is now glazed, rubbed down and looking rather smart.

There’s still lots to do. I have to tile the floor of what is now the new back hallway, formerly the passage in front of the coal-hole and the old coal-hole is now a nice, bright boiler and tool room. There’s plastering of the hallway and new doors to hang, but there’s an end in sight. Best of all, I’m increasingly capable of doing things for myself, like the tiling, so it doesn’t feel like such a hopelessly long drawn out affair.

Ah well, I should get back to my revision – there’s a new bunch of students to ask “Do you know why you’re not supposed to split infinitives?”


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