Wet Friday

We had our oil for the heating system delivered today – I had been getting quite concerned as the levels had been dropping lower and lower, while the delivery seemed to take forever. Phew! The new heating system isn’t up to much – we paid a hefty sum and I can’t say that I’ve felt particularly warm since it was turned on; I never thought I would miss my filthy old rayburn.

It’s so wet and gloomy. I rained all night and it’s still wet, soggy and misting as I type – the light is on and still the room feels drab and grey. I far prefer the very crisp cold days that we had during the very cold weather. The Blues Brothers are feeling the weather too, they are both curled up, one on the desk and another on the chair beside me, with their heads tucked into their tails, snoring quietly.

I’m supposed to be driving to Lincolnshire tomorrow to visit my son, but I can’t say that I’m feeling very keen to go; I’d love to see him, but a five hour drive in this weather is about as tempting as root canal dentistry – I may delay the trip to another weekend.

The worst bit is that I’m not feeling very lively and so haven’t managed to get a single job finished today – I must apply myself as I hate going to bed without feeling that I’ve achieved something during the day.


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