Cold Spell Coming?

During the last cold spell we had a number of fieldfares in our tiny garden. They are birds I have not encountered before and we were rather thrilled to have these Scandinavian visitors amongst the usual local birds. As soon as the cold abated and the temperatures rose above freezing during the day, the fieldfares disappeared.

We felt privileged to have seen these lovely birds, even though they duffed up the local blackbirds in the food queue! Today, I noticed a fieldfare sitting on the back wall, beak pointing upwards at 45 degrees, as usual and my first thought was, “Oh, more snow on the way!” I don’t know if it’s true, as I have managed to not see a weather report for days on end, but I’ll bet the birds are as accurate as the Meteorological Office! We shall see – I’m off to the BBC weather site now…


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