I'm Still Standing

And I never thought I would be…

I’m in London teaching this week; it’s the first time I have taught for a year and a quarter. The hiatus was caused by my hip replacement operations and I have to admit that coming back was a bit nerve-racking. Apart from anything else, I pander to my body clock with the hours that I work at home, often rising later than most but working much later too. Six in the morning is not an hour I’m familiar with these days, but it’s necessary when I’m teaching. After a full and gruelling day yesterday, I limped back to the hotel, feeling footsore but pleased I’d been on my feet all day without pain or mishap. Within minutes of eating, I was overcome with huge yawns and leaden eyes; it made revision hard work.

I woke this morning before the alarm- a first for as long as I can remember. Though my eyes were rather puffy, I felt sprightly and ached so much less than I normally do when I get up – so perhaps a hard day in the classroom was just what I needed. Best of all, I have a really delightful bunch of students, so the “work” doesn’t feel like work at all! Where else would I get a captive audience where I can prattle on about my favourite subject… and get paid for it?

This is such a milestone for me. Not only being able to stand and walk about all day, but that I’m back ‘in harness’ doing something I love. My life is so good and I’m grateful for it.


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