A Spring In My Step

Cor! It’s bloomin’ freezing this week. Boots, the chunky monkey of the two cats has been waking from his slumbers to snuggle up to me – just to get warmed up, I’m sure.

Amidst this chilling gloom and leaden skies, there has been some brightness… no, not some, I should say considerable. After my first teach for a year and a quarter, I came storming back and was reminded of how much I enjoy the whole thing. The challenge of breaking down barriers, both of attitude and communication, the thrill of seeing people smile when they learn something and know it will be useful to them, and the whole buzz of having to think on my feet and work so hard. Better still, when the scores came in (we get scored on the American GPA system) I got a straight 4, which is the best one can get. Result. So, I get paid to do something that feels like good fun (it is hard work, but the enjoyment is greater) and I get confirmation that my instincts about the student’s enjoyment were correct.

As if that weren’t reward enough, Kim, the silly old softie, treated me to a present. He told me it was for getting through the teach so well, but I have decided it’s my Valentine’s present is it is very RED. My old suitcase was a nightmare to close, with lots of silly clips to align and it often reduced me to a gibbering wreck. Not any more – I’m the proud owner of a very, very bright cherry red samsonite suitcase. Oooh, it’s just gorgeous! I don’t suppose anyone else gets so excited over luggage, but having something that works and is pretty is so delightful. I like red. I have a leather holdall that I brought back from Tunisia and that’s bright red too. Not much chance of missing my things on an airport carousel.

Lots of other things have gone well this week – somehow my life feels like it’s turning around and getting better and better each day. Moving normally again is such a blessing. Never will I take for granted the simple things like being able to walk, to bend over without pain, the possibility of dancing again, and so many other things. Cripes… What happened to the curmudgeonly old me…?!!


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