Valentine's Day

Hmmm, there I was, fast asleep and sawing off logs like the very best of lumberjacks, when I was dragged into consciousness by the doorbell. Yes, it was before 8.30 a.m. and the bloody doorbell was ringing – what the hell…???

My beloved had arranged for a dozen red roses to be delivered for Valentine’s Day and the delivery man must have picked ours as the first delivery. As I opened the door, clad in my oh-so-sexy fluffy dressing gown and disheveled hair, I was greeted with a cheery “Sorry love, sort of spoils the treat, doesn’t it? Have some flowers… but get out of bed for them!” and off he went chuckling at my groggy attempt at a riposte.

Ah, a dozen red roses – they are utterly gorgeous. Kim was the first man ever to give me flowers way back in 1976 and it was a huge bunch of red roses for Valentine’s Day – and I still love him and the flowers. It was the start of a lovely day.

We went for a walk around the village – no great route-march, but enough to keep the new joints working and to give me pink cheeks. We then opted for a relaxing day away from our computers. We spend far too long in front of these machines (she says, sitting in front of one now) and it was so lovely to have a day when thy didn’t rule our schedule or take precedence. I think we need more days like today.

And now, it’s the end of a wonderful weekend, I’m sleepy and ready to face the new week refreshed and feeling incredibly positive. I bid you a happy week to come and as much love and contentment as I feel.


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