Thinking of Christmas

Wow, it’s a bright blue day and the only thing in the sky is one vapour trail. It was lovely when the Icelandic volcano was belching ash and flights were cancelled, as we got to see the sky without a single vapour trail and it was utterly beautiful. Still, better one vapour trail than mountainous dark clouds scudding overhead.

I don’t understand why, but whenever I type the word “Christmas” it comes out as Christams – even when I concentrate to get my fingers hitting the keys in the right order, it still happens. Oh well, if you see me talking about Christams, you’ll know what I mean.

I’m finding it very hard to get in the mood for Christmas or Yule. Lots of people I know have written their cards, done their shopping and put their tree up and I haven’t even started thinking about it. I just get a sinking feeling when I think of writing cards, as there are three lots to do – one for friends and then two lots for business and it’s just about as tempting as root canal dentistry. Presents are even lower on my list of cheer-me-up-ness – I got lots of little tree presents earlier this year and K and I have decided to get a piece of furniture as neither of us can think of anything we actually want (apart from the furniture), so it all feels a bit… of a let-down. We won’t see the kids till January, though I suppose I had better apply myself to getting something for them, though goodness knows what.

Crumbs, I sounds like a right, miserable old curmudgeon. Maybe I should cancel the furniture and spend the money on a break in the sunshine – now there’s a thought.


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