Rebuilding The Archive

Slowly, we’re adding all the old posts from the previous blog site to this one. Rather than writing a bit of complex code, my beloved decided to do things the low-tech way and copy and paste into the new system. This is an amazing event, as he can normally find indescribably Byzantine and convoluted ways to do simple things; I suppose it’s the nature of being a propellor-head geekmeister. Imagine my shock when he marched in and announced he was going to “cut and paste, because the alternative will take longer than ‘just doing it’”.

I’m not sure we’ll have the comments to bring over from the old posts, but I guess that doesn’t really matter too much. The best part is just being able to sit down, use an incredibly simple UI and write. I tried wordpress and that reduced me to tears – what an absolutely filthy, not-nice-to-humans interface that has, so I’m thrilled that this is such a doddle to use. You never know, I might just start writing lovely witchy stuff rather than geek babble!


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