And So To 2013

It’s cantering up to 10 p.m. the champagne is already open and 2012 is about to croak it’s last. Many people are saying “Good riddance” to the year, and yet, for me, it’s been a pretty good year.

This year started with me coming out of post-operative trauma to discover that I can move like I haven’t been able to for… crumbs, at least seven years. That’s been wonderful. Just before Christmas I even managed to have a go at Tai Chi – and though I was about as elegant as an effelump with it’s pants around it’s ankles, the mere fact that I could make the attempt to learn the forms was another marker of my progress and increasing mobility.

I’ve become a lot more honest with myself during this year – not things I can really talk about on here, but that level of honesty where suddenly you can make changes and leave behind some of the crap you’ve been carrying around for a number of years. That took some doing, but the result has been wonderful and liberating.

There are still things to sort out, but I never expected to achieve Dharma in this lifetime, never mind this year. Still, there’s no harm in trying to get there. There are things that went wrong too – we got badly ripped off with our garden wall and treated very shabbily by people we had trusted, but there’s no point in hanging on to that sort of stuff as I’m quite certain they ‘will get theirs’ soon enough. Those mishaps and the filthy weather aside, 2012 has been pretty good for me and I’m looking forward to an even better 2013; friends are coming to stay, we’re off on a sunshine holiday and I shall see my granddaughter soon – all good stuff.

Here’s wishing you and yours a blessed and peaceful New Year. xx


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