Vacuuming or Blogging?

That’s my choice. Actually, I have lots of choices: vacuuming, blogging, accounts, selling on the phone, coding, yadah, yadah… You get the idea – but just now there’s an urgent need to vacuum, the carpets are becoming catpets, i.e. something to walk on consisting mainly of cat fur, but the sun is shining.

It’s such a rare treat to see blue skies and sun that it seems a terrible waste to vacuum when I could be digging yet more bulbs into the garden and even contemplating getting the lawnmower out, as the grass is rather shaggy. So here I am, looking through my freshly cleaned window at mare’s tails and vast swathes of blue and feeling joy.

Talking of clean windows, am I the only person to have a complete ‘fraidy cat who’s terrified of the sound of the window cleaner, his ladders and the swishing noises he makes on our old glass? ÜberCat is very large; he weighs 7 kilos and he’s not at all fat, in fact he’s a lean, mean loving machine, and ordinarily he’s the one who tries to “protect” me from the vacuum by putting himself between me and it. Über is a funny mixture of soppy cuddle beast (with added dribble) and fierce personal protection cat and where he normally rushes to meet visitors, throwing himself at them for a stroke and ear rub (while CatBert legs it upstairs to hide), all that changes on window cleaning day.

I should have known. I’ve had a few late nights and took a lie-in this morning – normally I’m bounced on by CatBert and then Über comes along and gives me a hard stare to let me know he’s disgusted with my lazing and that I should get up and feed them. Before you think I doss in bed every morning, this sort of behaviour can start as early as 5 a.m. if Bert is really peckish. This morning, Über got on the bed but instead of the hard stare, he inveigled his way under the duvet, lay next to me and rested his head on my arm, with nothing more than his white toes on one paw poking out from under the covers. I guess the window cleaner had started somewhere else before he came to our house and Über must have heard him, even if I hadn’t.

It was 11.30 before I could coax my otherwise brave and fearless cat out from under the bed. Poor ÜberCat. He’s still jumpy and CatBert, who is completely impervious to the window cleaner, stole some of Über’s breakfast too.

Oh goodness, in the few minutes it’s taken me to type this the sky has filled up with clouds, the brightness has dimmed and it’s looking distinctly less tempting to go out gardening. Good decision to blog, but now I must apply myself to invoicing and marketing duties. Adieu.


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