Buffalo Sandals, Wands And Snow

Well of course I’m not silly enough to venture out in what is quite deep snow now in buffalo sandals, but I am going to get some. Talk about bringing back memories – I had a pair in the mid 70s and wore then till the fell off my feet.

It wasn’t all bliss – breaking in buffalo sandals is the job for a masochist or someone with the toughest feet in the history of tough feet. I have a vague memory of toes blistering and hurting like stink, but one suffers for one’s vanity when young. Once worn in, the sandals were incredibly comfortable and that’s the bit I chose to remember.

With our holiday approaching fast, I had thought about something light to wear on my feet and through a series of synaptic leaps, remembered my old buffaloes – but they surely can’t still be available… can they? Oh yes they can. Through the power of eBay, there were a couple of places selling them, though they had to come from the USA or India, but I was poised to purchase when dear old K reminded me of how it was to break a pair in – not the sort of thing you want to do to your feet whilst on holiday. Shall I get some? Of course – it’ll be a fond trip down memory lane and if I can get past the first few wears, they’ll be perfect if the sun ever shines in England again.

Meanwhile, outside, the snow is coming down in big, fat flakes, silently covering the village in a cloak of white and muffling all the normal evening noises – what bliss.

The snow last week brought down a huge branch from the top of the holm oak that is just the other side of the wall in our neighbours garden. It must have come down in the middle of the night, though we didn’t hear it and looking out the back the next morning, there was just a huge tangle of branches and leaves. Well, waste not, want not – there are several straight branches that will make wonderful wands. I just need to strip the bark and side shoots from them and shape them while the wood is nice and soft. I was born in the Oak Month and have been wondering why I’ve never found the materials to make myself an oak wand… and now I’m given such a gift. I do wonder if the main bough could be carved into a long, sinuous dragon – even though I have no idea about wood carving – I’ve never let small details like that get in the way. If I make something, I shall post pictures.


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